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shortcrust pies founder Musa


I am Musa, founder of SHORTCRUST PIES, I have a love for pie that I would like to share with the world. I wish to share the expansive range of flavours and designs that is sadly overlooked. We create our pies using the best handpicked ingredients to ensure a high quality standard, we have created a set menu as well as creating seasonal products to bring you even fresher flavours. So lets start celebrating with pie or ending our dinners with a slice, it's sure to be memorable.



It all began the day I left home to study. I first gained my culinary skills when after some time I decided to cook myself some wholesome meals instead of packet noodles, pizza and expensive takeaway. Saving money allowed me to indulge in off the shelve desserts and yes pie was on the menu more often than not. However as my tastebuds developed, the quality of the supermarkets products became sub par. Dissatisfied I went on a search to discover something that would bring me to nirvana. It is then that I decided to seize the crust in my own hands and learn how to create amazing pie. At first I would just make small simple fruit pies for myself then upon returning home they became regular at large family dinners or barbecues with friends. Nothing could match the smiles on faces or the arguments for who gets the last slice as well as the ego boosting praises, I felt nothing but joy. The revelation then dawned and the vision came together, I must share this everywhere and thus the story of SHORTCRUST PIES begins.                   

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