• Shortcrust Pies

A Crust Above The Rest.

It's no secret that the key to a proper shortcrust pastry is keeping the butter cold, so what makes my pastry special.

The quality of our ingredients is where I make my mark, I use British organic flour made from a special wheat that only grows in colder climates, being lower in protein levels gives the wheat berry a unique property that makes it softer to grind in turn giving us a quality flour perfect for pastry.

Provided by a mill who has the royal seal of approval you can rest assured you are getting the best of locally sourced produce.

When it comes to butter you can't beat 100% organic british butter, so that's all I use. No added flavourings or preservatives just pure goodness.

It's easy to throw all the ingredients in a processor and whizz it together in a few seconds but this tends to make the pastry harder and not as flaky. I prefer the hands on method, chopping the butter by hand then cutting it into the flour using a pastry blender. This gives us a varying size of butter pieces which once binded with as little ice water possible and rolled out, a marbling, its this marbling that creates the perfect crust.

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